Physical activity is a crucial part of a child’s growth and development. Jiu jitsu in particular offers a multitude of benefits that will help your child grow to become a confident, successful and productive adult.

We have designed our kid’s programs to be interactive, motivational, challenging, and fun. We seek to create an environment where our students not only learn jiu jitsu, but also develop positive behaviors such as discipline, respect, and humility. In learning jiu jitsu, they will discover how to push themselves to achieve and believe in their individual worth and abilities. Most importantly, they will have fun.

We have divided our kid’s classes into three age groups:

  • KIDS 3-6 – For our pre-school aged kids, we focus on the most basic of jiu jitsu techniques, utilizing simple movements and games to help your child develop good body awareness and balance.
  • KIDS 5-7 – For our 5-7 kids, we continue focusing on their fundamentals, as well as building on their toolbox of techniques. We introduce drills, positional sparring, and limited live rolling, so they learn how to apply what they’ve learned in more realistic scenarios.
  • KIDS 8-14 – For our 8-14 kids, we focus on developing strong fundamentals and we teach more complex techniques and sequences. Incorporating more drills, positional sparring, and live rolling. We push our 8-14 kids to be more disciplined in their training, and accountable for their participation and personal growth.