Professor Torres himself, is one of the best-known American-born jiu jitsu competitors, and has competed and medaled at the highest levels in the sport. His accomplishments include:

  • 2X ADCC World Champion
  • World No Gi Champion
  • World’s Silver Medalist (Gi)
  • Pan American Gi & No Gi Champion
  • European Champion
  • American National Gi and No Gi Champion
  • Brazilian National Silver Medallist
  • New York Open Champion
  • Asian Open Champion

Torres is also a highly-acclaimed professor and coach, having taught a wide range of adult and kids classes throughout his career, and a well-respected member of the international jiu jitsu community, giving seminars on his distinct style of jiu jitsu at academies across the globe.

With more than decade of experience, Professor Torres began training at the age of 15. It was not long before he decided that he would make jiu jitsu his life’s career, he set about accomplishing his dream with unwavering determination and hard work. JT went on to become one of the youngest American’s to earn a blackbelt at the age of 19. His journey has taken him coast to coast – from the Northeast, where he began making a name for himself, to California, where he became known as one of the best American competitors in the world.

Now, Professor Torres is back in his home state of New York to bring his deep and well-rounded knowledge of jiu jitsu, his distinct fundamentals-based philosophy and style, and his infectious energy and passion, to the mats of Essential Jiu Jitsu and Fitness.

Prof. Nick is a graduate of Manhattanville College with a Bachelors of Arts in History. Nick has been training for 10 years and aspires to be a Jiu-Jitsu World Champion. Prof Nick teaches a variety adult classes here at Essential BJJ and also helps with our kids program. Prof. Nick is a BJJ Black belt under Prof. JT Torres.

Coach John is our in house wrestling as well as strength and conditioning coach. Coach John is a graduate of Bridgewater State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Health and Physical Education and a concentration in Exercise Physiology. As an athlete at Bridgewater State, John received All-American Honors as a wrestler and placed 5th in Division III national championships. John has two national certifications as a personal trainer, and he volunteers as an assistant wrestling coach for Edgemont High School. He also runs his own personal training studio within Essential, and you can frequently see coaches and students alike working out with him. Coach John is currently a purple belt under Prof. JT Torres and has won a variety of tournaments at both purple and blue belt including the No-Gi World Champions. Coach John loves to work towards becoming a well-rounded competitor on the ground and on the feet, and bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the mats during our Submission Wrestling classes.

Professor Sam is the head instructor of our Intro to BJJ Program, as well as one the main instructors of our Kid’s 7-13 year olds program. In addition to this, Professor Sam teaches all of our early morning classes at 6:30 AM. Professor Sam is originally from Maryland and has spent several years traveling, training, coaching, and competing at world class locations on both the East and West Coast. Professor Sam has a strong desire to share the art of jiujitsu and strives to bring out the absolute best in all of his students. He studies the art with a passion, and loves to share his perspective on jiujitsu technique and theory with others in order to help them achieve their goals. Professor Sam was awarded his blackbelt from Professor JT in 2021 and has been continuing to improve and share his passion with others on the mats ever since.

Professor Vinnie has been grappling for well over two decades and has a incredibly deep wealth of knowledge as both an instructor and athlete. Professor Vinnie began his grappling career at the age of 10 with scholastic/folkstyle wrestling and found great success throughout his tenure as a wrestler. He spent four years as a team captain and starter for NYU in Manhattan. Upon the completion of his competitive career he was invited to coach wrestling at his alma matter. After roughly three years of coaching collegiate wrestling, Professor Vinnie began his jiujitsu journey in 2010. Shortly after beginning jiujitsu, he recognized the parallels in how the two grapple arts are interconnected. His extensive background in wrestling allows him to provide great insight to students in their development in all facets of grappling. Professor Vinnie was awarded his blackbelt in 2016 and received his first degree on in blackbelt in 2019. For over ten years Professor Vinnie has dedicated himself to sharing the arts of wrestling and jiujitsu with his students, both kids and adults alike.

Coach Chazz started jiujitsu in 2018 and immediately engrossed himself within the sport. Jiujitsu provided him with great inspiration and purpose. A former scholastic athlete, jiujitsu reignited his passion for competing. From the time he was only a white belt, he committed himself fully to the art. He trained twice a day, nearly everyday, for roughly six months until he received his blue belt. Upon receiving his blue belt, he began assisting kid’s classes at his local academy. Within a few years of training at a local gym, he realized that he wanted to pursue a full time career in jiujitsu. After a short layoff due to injury, he began to seek higher levels of training and education within the sport. After traveling the country searching for a new home, he eventually found his way to Essential. Coach Chazz has medaled and won numerous tournaments at the white, blue, and purple belt level. He strives to not only be one of the best competitors in the world, but also to be a well versed instructor. Coach Chazz is originally from White Plains, loves to share his passion for jiujitsu with others, and brings a great energy and positivity to the mats!

Professor Marcus has been grappling for over 10 years, starting with wrestling in high school. He started training jiujitsu at the age of 16, and within a few years he decided that he wanted to pursue a career within the art. For many years he has worked side by side with some of the most prolific coaches, competitors, and instructors within the sport, becoming somewhat of a mainstay in the New York Metropolitan area. Professor Marcus is an avid competitor, winning and placing at various IBJJF tournaments at all belt levels, as well as a highly devoted coach and instructor. He believes that in order to excel at each of these three facets of jiujitsu, an equal yet different effort and focus is required. Truly a student of the art, Professor Marcus likes to take an academic and organized approach to learning, teaching, and training. He believes that the expression and articulation of jiujitsu requires a multifaceted approach, similar to how scholastic subject are taught and studied in universities. Professor Marcus is the GM of the academy, and teaches classes as well as private lessons. He was awarded his blackbelt by Professor JT in March of 2022, which he considers one of the most significant moments of his life and career.

Coach Mike Addesso started training jiujitsu about five year ago here at Essential. After freshly graduating from Manhattan College with a Bachelors Degree in Exercise Sciences, a friend invited Coach Mike to try out jiujitsu. Prior to even finishing his free trial at the academy, he fell in love with the sport, as well as sense of community which jiujitsu provided. While training and becoming more involved with the community at the academy, Coach Mike transitioned into a part time staff member. Coach Mike has developed a deep passion for jiujitsu and sharing his knowledge and experience with others. Coach Mike received his purple belt from Professor JT, and now works at the academy full time at the front desk and within our kid’s programs. Coach Mike is highly motivated by the friends and community here at Essential. He strives to share a positive energy with everyone he comes into contact with, both on and off the mats!

Coach Adrian Titang has been training for over 8 years and is a former United States Air Force Veteran. Whilst serving, Coach Adrian was a certified NREMT-P and technical rescue specialist. It was whilst training in combatives for the military that he fell in love with the sport of jiujitsu. Coach Adrian loves to train and compete, citing that the technical aspects and problem solving elements of the art really drew him in. He began training at a local gym in Destin, Florida and decided to move here to White Plains in order to continue to pursue his career and competitions aspirations within jiujitsu. Coach Adrian has medaled at various IBJJF tournaments at both blue and purple belt, and can be found assisting kids classes, drilling, and training at the academy nearly everyday.